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crafted by artisans

Our stunning sandglobes are individually free-blown by a glass artisan resulting in a superior clarity, weight, and luster.

Each luminous globe begins its journey as a pure glass blob that is heated in a massive iron furnace, up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Every orb is then brought to life with a complex sinuous dance. As each master glassblower gracefully turns and blows, the raw glass takes its final shape as a perfect, glossy hollow ball. After 14 hours, the globe is ready to be filled with treasure.

To complete the magic, a second artisan now brings each sandglobe to life. Premium sand is carefully assembled by hand. First, a base of fine sand, and then a carefully balanced assembly of natural seashells are placed inside to be swirled into an ever changing landscape of calm beauty. Depending on the theme, other natural items and trademarked 3D models are added to complete the story.

The finished work of art is then securely sealed and ready to be enjoyed. Each sandglobe is a unique collectable for display, and the quality of glass insures it is durable enough to be gently handled and swirled. With care, it should last for decades and bring years of

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